Captech Facility

About Us
Captech International is located in Rapid City, South Dakota and was created to supply the ever growing demand in the ammunition market within the United States. Our company with the addition of the Jamison Brass and Ammunition division produces over 100 different types of calibers which continually grow each year. We also can provide any custom work for your OEM needs.

Manufacturing Capabilities
    Captech's manufacturing facility is founded on a lean and efficient process that provides our customers with a wide range of choices in production and volumes. Volumes range from as low as 5,000 pieces to hundreds of thousands per month. Captech has virtually zero limitation as to what calibers we can produce. Our JBA division currently manufactures cases ranging from the obsolete hard to find calibers to modern military, African game to western calibers, and much more.
    JBA also produces some ammunition using outsourced American brass in common calibers. We do not however custom head-stamp other manufacturers products with the JBA stamp. Only Jamison Brass and Ammunition cartridge cases bare our mark. We do not pass others' products off as our own.
    Jamison Brass and Ammunition will gladly work with customers wanting new prototype designs for us to test and manufacture. Our engineers are unparalleled in the industry and have 40 years of experience in the field.

JBA Quality
Jamison Brass and Ammunition currently has a full quality control and quality assurance laboratory in house. Our lab consists of all the gauges and tests needed to meet all caliber tolerances. We follow all specifications according to SAAMI and CIP standards. The tests and measurements we perform on our products assure that we produce the highest quality possible. Testing and analysis of our products begin from the moment we receive our raw materials all the way to the finished product as it is being packaged for sale.
    Ammunition is constructed in close conjunction with American powder companies to ensure safe operating pressures and performance. Ammo assembly is handled with the same care as loading at home. Using tight tolerances on charge variation, seating, and crimping. Loaders check often to safe guard quality and consistency.